Our top beauty treatments therapy menu and offers


Deluxe facial 60 mins (or 90 min upgrade)

A complete facial treatment using a range of exclusive products to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and improve elasticity, hydration and skin condition. All facials include scrub, mask, 20 minute facial and soothing scalp massage. The longer treatment includes deep cleansing techniques.

Deluxe manicure or pedicure 60 mins

Begins with a refreshing foot soak, followed by an invigorating exfoliating scrub massage leaving your skin deeply moisturised and feeling silky smooth. Then your nails will be conditioned, shaped, buffed, polished, and painted to your liking with our range of modern colours. Feel fabulous!

Body wrap 60 mins

Designed to give your skin a deep clean and leave it feeling silky smooth. Indulge with a luscious full body scrub followed by a clay wrap treatment tailored for your skin type.


Relax – Swedish 60 / 90 / 120 mins

A combination of soothing movements and stronger concentrated work on tense areas using a beautiful blend of aromatherapy oils. Relax, revitalise and balance your mind and body. Ideal if you find it hard to relax, sleep or are run down.

Restore – Deep tissue 60 / 90 /120 mins

A deeper, firmer massage targeting weakness, muscular pain and spasm including relaxation movements, swedish massage and specific concentrated work. Ideal for clients who have pain in certain areas of the body.

Shiatsu 60 / 90 /120 mins

A Japanese form of manipulation applying pressure to the muscles to promote and maintain health and equilibrium. Shiatsu is recommended for clients who wish to release toxins and to correct and maintain the body’s energy flow. A very powerful treatment.

Prenatal 60 / 90 /120 mins

Relax and restore your well-being before your baby is born. A rejuvenating massage for mums-to-be, using the Preggie pillow to take weight off the body. Suitable for expectant mothers from 12 weeks onwards.

Synergy – Couples 75 mins

If you and your partner are pressed for time but still want to relax, enjoy two half hour massages, one after another. A quick pick me up!


Synergy – Couples deluxe 60 / 90 /120 mins

Enjoy a massage of your choice at the same time as your partner. Our double massage will ensure a great start to any romantic getaway!


Total Relaxation Package 120 mins

  •  Deluxe facial Stress relief massage

Experience two hours of luxurious pampering. Enjoy our signature stress relief massage plus a deluxe facial using our exclusive range of products. Rejuvenate your skin, release tension, and leave relaxed and at ease.

Beauty Package 180 mins

  • Anti-aging facial
  • Deluxe pedicure
  • Pressure point scalp massage
  • Full body massage

This package is total indulgence! An anti-ageing deluxe facial treatment focusing on cell renewal, skin firming treatments and skin nourishment. Followed by a deluxe pedicure: relaxing foot and leg scrub complete with a foot mask as well as skin, nail and cuticle work. We finish with a relaxing scalp and facial pressure point massage to relieve puffy tired eyes, exhaustion, headaches and general mental fatigue before restoring tranquility with a full body massage.

Luscious Body Treatment Package 120 mins

  • Full body scrub
  • Facial scrub
  • Pressure point scalp massage
  • Stress relief massage

If you require a little extra pampering then this signature treatment is for you! Using our exclusive products we start with a full body exfoliation and wrap you in a full body clay mask. This is followed by a gentle facial scrub and mask, which detoxifies and invigorates. We finish with a pressure point scalp massage and full body stress relief massage. Ideal for soothing your mind and revitalising the body!

Feet Rejuvenation  90 / 120 mins

  • 30 minute foot & leg treatment
  • One hour stress relief massage

We start with a luscious foot scrub and mask designed to soften the skin and stimulate circulation as well as a nourishing foot and lower leg massage to relax and release tension. Then unwind as we pamper you with a full body stress relief massage.

If you and your partner are pressed for time but still want to relax, enjoy two half hour massages, one after another. A quick pick me up!